What We Do


Competitive Advantage


We have unique partnerships with asset managers who provide us with property inventory at discounted below market values. We use our experience and techniques obtained from the asset managers, advanced data, market and economic forecasts, local market situation, and expertise prior to making each investment.

Creating Value


We ensure the improvements to the investment properties increase their worth much more than the costs invested. Each city has its own construction team and project manager, increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Buy and Sell Strategy


We purchase properties for much less than their current worth, and then implementing custom improvements to achieve the highest possible exit price. By purchasing at a discount, the profit is built into the investment from the very beginning of the project. 

Buy and Hold Strategy


We purchase homes in high demand areas with the potential for price increases, and to establish passive income for investors. We manage the properties for investors to ensure rental income is distributed in a timely manner.

Wholesale Strategy


Our business model includes partnering with bank asset managers who sell foreclosed properties at wholesale prices, and then we wholesale properties to other investors at negotiated prices to benefit all parties involved. 

Investor Satisfaction


Our investors are important to us – and as such, we partner with them to provide full transparency on each investment and provide defined periodic reports on the progress of their investment. We work hand-in-hand to develop a strategy aligned with each investor’s objectives.


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